A / Part
17 January 2014

This project is an experimental film created through illustration and iPhone videos in the program Korsakow. Initially, the film began as an exploration of the body and an attempt to document and archive the physical form. About a week into the development of the film, I sustained several injuries during a bike accident where I collided with a pick up truck.  I reconsidered the permanence of my own physicality and realized how fragile my exterior and interior can be. I wanted to explore the topic of my accident and be able to document it in an abstract way by intimately filming sections of my body that have undergone trauma or change, and combining these clips with illustrations that depict portions of my recovery. By changing the way I normally re-live my accident (discussions with doctors, specialists, family and friends) I have been able to reclaim these events and express them visually the way I experienced them. The resulting film, A / PART is time-sensitive self-portrait through intimate and abstracted sections of the self.

By combining drawings and photographs I had made while in hospital I started to piece together portions of the experience that were most impactful. Although my memory of the events and the healing of my body take place in linear time, I wanted the viewer’s experience to be the opposite. Although I wanted to address notions of pain, memory and souvenir within the work, I did not want the piece to be an evident “show and tell” from head to toe. After filming portions of myself, I categorized each segment with a number from 1 to 5. This scale indicated the amount of physical change and pain the specific part of my body endured. This method of titling each clip was chosen in order to separate the preview footage  from the snu itself. This way, the viewer only sees one section of the body at a time as nothing is revealed in the small previews.

Several pieces of footage are paired with their own illustration. These illustrations depict two things: they show portions of the experience that were not previously documented, or they are based on photographs that were taken during the time spent in hospital. I found that the illustrations allowed me to present parts of the experience that remain incredibly personal.

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